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What’s included in the report?

Overall Healthiness

Get your help center healthiness score that is calculated based on your update frequency and percentage of articles that are likely to be outdated. We analyzed over 2000+ popular sites, check your score to see how you perform compared to other sites.

Articles That Need Your Attention

These are the articles that you have received a high percentage of downvotes. Check them to see if the content are outdated or need improvements.

Top Performing Articles

These are the articles that you have received a high number of upvotes so your other help center articles can use these as references for improvement. These are also likely the areas that your customers often need help on so you can consider adding links to these articles inside your platform to help your customers find them easily.

Articles With Outdated Translations

On Zendesk, you will have to manually flag a translation as outdated. It's a tedious process and it's easy to miss some of them. Here we list out the articles where the source languages has been updated, but the translated version has not been updated afterwards.

Check them to see if they need to be updated to ensure customers in all languages get the correct information when they need help.

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